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Sarah judges  all Gundogs, Varieties, Groups & BIS at Open Show level

& gives CCs in several Gundog Breeds and Leonbergers.


Sarah has judged Leonbergers in USA, Latvia, Belgium,

Italy & Finland & lastly New Zealand in 2018.(see photo)

2022 - Judging Leonbergers in USA / approved by AKC

She also Judged at Sussex Spaniels CRUFTS 2015 and is

approved to Judge Leonbergers there in 2026.

She has also been showing Gundogs, Hounds and Working breeds for 40 years.

Please e-mail: or phone 01905 452070 for a full CV

2023 has some exciting judging too:

WELKS - Leonbergers

Darlington - ESS & Clumbers

& in May in Germany - English & Gordon Setters



Judging Lists:-        
Sussex Spaniel            A1Breed specialist 

Clumber Spaniel        A1Breed specialist

Irish Setters                A1Breed specialist

English Setters           A1Breed specialist  Leonberger                  A1Breed specialist

NSDTR                           A1Breed specialist

Labradors                          A2

ESS                                       L4 / A3

Gordon Setters                 L4

WSS                                      L4 

Field Spaniels                    L4

Cocker Spaniels                B    
Flatcoated  Retrievers    B

Curlycoated Retrievers  B 
Pointers                              B  
Golden Retrievers            B

Now an L2 for all Gundog Breeds

except those above                                                                                       
Gundog Group Judges Seminar Results
CREDITS:   Irish Setters, Gordon Setters,NSDTR, Flatcoat Retrievers, Curly Coat Retrievers,Welsh Springers, Pointers & GSPs

PASSES:     Red / White Setters, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, American Cocker Spaniels, English Springers.


Malc BIS okko.jpg

2022 was a busy year



The Jersey Dog Club Open Show

Giving CCs in Gordon Setters for the 1st time

Judging at Bournemouth Champ Show (CCs in English Setters and Fields without them - (Now qualified for A3 & then L4 status so pre approved for CCs in these too)

Then off to the USA to judge 25th anniversary Leo Club show and also lots of gundog breeds the day before. Below is my Best in Show Leo

Below and my SKC Gundog Group Placements

Cocker 1st, Chesapeake 2nd, GWP 3rd and Barbet 4th

gp 1 cocker.jpg
gp 2 ches.jpg
bwp gp 3.jpg
barbet gp4.jpg
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